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Bullion Grey

small spirit....

In a place not seen, commonly, where things are both nothing
and everything lived a small but powerful spirit of Light, whose
only interest was to help.

One time in this place, a conspiracy of dunces (acd), attempted to put out this small spirit of Light.
Others who had no knowledge of the actual truth, also joined in with the acd, thus their alignment
made them the same energies as the acd. All together, time after
time they planned, and strategized, attempted to fake and faun, but no matter what, they were,†baffled in†their minds about the small spirit of Light.

The really strange thing was this small spirit of Light was given
over to a group of large Spirits of Light, and these Spirits keept a vigil over the small spirit of Light. Night and day was a passing of tests, designed not by the acd, but by God Himself!
Unbeknownst to the acd, they were acting on behalf of that
which they didnít know. They had been in perfect step with God.
It has been written in ancient times that "God uses the foolish to confound the wise of the world." This has some application here, in this event.

On and on acd expended much energies and symbols of energies but
to no avail. On and on the small spirit of Light contiuned to serve and
be available for services to those in need, in the name of God.

Once this small spiritís light was snuffed out by these acd and either result was fine with the small spirit of the Light. But the larger Spirits of Light reinstated this small spirits light. For this place, was a different kind of event, not usual. For reasons not yet revealed.

This small spirit of Light prayed for the acd and blessed them despite their osciferous place of consciousness they cultivated. But it made no difference for the small spirit of Light, they needed to be able to really see and in this knowingness grow to be better than their acd form.

It was revealed to the small spirit of Light that no matter what to continue to serve and be available for service. The small spirit continued on and to this day is still of sevice to those in need, and available for service in the name of God.

The acd?†
It isnít known what happened to them, but it was okÖ.they finally
realized their misunderstanding, and it was like the final Understanding. All of which took place in a place not commonly
seen and where things are nothing and everything.

"May all Healing reach all who have that need." ---E. Holmes