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Bullion Grey

ignited in my soul...

Something ignited in my soul, what it is named I am not sure of. It started as a spark of knowingness and desire, for a direction of healing and growth of spirit. It burst into my heart and being, by the cross vexing of the flint of life and the stone of reality. It struck twice then caught fire of my inner life, my inner turmoil. When I saw what was happening I said, “Burn, burn on.”

What I thought was the start of my end, was the beginning of my start. I repeated prayers said to bring on healing, I meditated on beauty and ideas of fruitful manner. The flicker grew to a flame, then unexpectedly it exploded into a raging fire of great expectation, of possibility that could be mine.

I began to feel a guiding, without signs or words. I began to see a message in everything I saw. I heard trees speak to me, animals meanings in their expressions, listened to their communication. Gradually everything had a meaning beyond what I perceived before. Soon the world inside of me was telling me of some new things, fresh perspectives and expansion.

What was it that ignited in my soul? Some simple thing, without introduction, or name; of it I fanned the flames, encouraged it and by it. Everyday allowing it to burn rich inner light, illuminating the whole of my soul, torching my path, allowing for inner exploration.

Then came the time when I didn’t need to know where I was going, just illuminating the fact that I wanted to proceed. It was an unnamable thing, something, that ignited in my soul.