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Bullion Grey

Would I Expect My Creation To Do Anything?

We are truely made of earth.......

Imagine I make a clay figure. I shape it, sculpt it and take pride in my artistic creation.

Can this creation of mine insult me? I mean it is only clay, and I am like giant to it. I have the power to distroy it or keep in safe from distruction.

Can this figure make me cry? Can it make me mad?
I would laugh at any attempts it made to make me sad or mad. It would actually be interesting to watch such a creation of mine to do anything.

Could this creation of mine scare me?
Could it hide from me?
Could it make me think it was NOT my creation?
No, I dont think so. Actually there is NOthing it can do, think, or act on that would in any way do anything to me.
It is simply a creation that I decided to make.

I have no fear of it, nor do I want it to fear me.
I hold no demands on it except to hold together like it is.
It can't do anything to meet my needs, nor would it expect it to.

Imagine I made a clay figure....and I loved it so much I placed it on my kitchen table, so all could see my little work of art. Would I expect it to give anything, love, satisfaction, or worship? Would I demand it do exactly as I tell it to? Would I write out what it must do to please me? (And make it hard for it to find my instructions?) Would I worry some will make it do things against me?

What if I created many figures?
Made them all differently alike, two arms, and legs ect. then placed them on different places on my kitchen table. Would I choose some and make them my "chosen ones"? What would be my basis? Anything they are is because of me. What kind of imposition could I have to even consider picking a few as chosen ones, special? Would I choose based on where I placed them on my kitchen table? Or where I didnt? Would I plan for distruction for any of my creations that I love?

I wouldn't, because I am on an entirely different level. One that even that full figure of clay creation cannot even begin to understand, nor would I expect it to.  
Just imagine....