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Bullion Grey

Why are stars so faraway?
Is it so our longings have a distance to ripen - so to say?
So our hopes can sail through universe, giving time for stars to make up the magical verse?

Stars are wished on 10 times a flash, thatís what they say,
by some person, somewhere, in life in their day.
They give away grants when they are twinkling away.
Why donít stars grant wishes whenever its day?

Where do wishes live?
Where do they stay?
Are they tucked under pillows or stashed behind ears?
Are they scattered among day dreams or sparkling tears?

Why do wishes only appear when someone has cause?
Where are wishes, when wishes pause?
What is a wish? Is it a dream or a thought?
Something undefined or an unanswered want?

Why do we even try to ask for wishes at all?
Is it because some wishes give us a call?

Stars and wishes they are such Mystery.
Mystical elements or old time wizardry.
Or maybe they are a little bit more,
a glance from the Source,
at the cosmic wish store.