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What is God Doing?

Is God at work to sacred for us to know, involved in the pleasantryís of heavenly issues? Engrossed in heated debates with creatures of lower degrees, thinking a last word will change their little minds? Is God writing down our prayers, so many it takes all of Godís time, backlogs longer than we can ever imagine?

Perhaps God is trying to think of new things to create, or busy creating new things? Is God preoccupied by keeping Grace in balance with the decaying ill will that pervades our livesĎ? Or God is making adjustments for each living soul for tomorrow which will arrive soon after today is settled. Ways in which we can know God is here in our life, sending us God energy so we wonít despair, or become empty like bottles of water that were useful when they had something to give.
What is God doing?

Perhaps, just perhaps Energies flow to our beings from God who sent them, manifesting as streams of thought, gliding within our spirits and creating streams from which we draw our words to express our livesí. To speak our mindís, to love our loved oneís, and let them know that we are loving them. To say hello, or attempt to express some feelings no words can, or to say goodbye.

Is God trying to transform things that are fragile and to help strong things to transcend strength, so as to gently balance the world? What is God doing, right this moment?