to my old website. For your reading pleasure and as an archive, I have decided to keep it online. But if you want to see my new website, then please feel free to visit it here:

Bullion Grey

I'va been sitting alone and watching TV, playing with pencils and pens, drinking diet cokes.
Puttering around, beholding clouds and their ways, visiting cemertaries and reading old gravestones. I've been star gazing at night and driving for pleasure, been reading alot and writing letters.
I've been walking on the beach and talking to God, feeding hungry seagulls and pigeons.
I've been drawing and sculpting, making long distance telephone calls just to
say hi.
Going out early at 5 for breakfast and coffee. Been walking the crowded city and malls, visiting crafts shows and browsing book stores.
Playing guitar and making up songs, poems and thoughts, watching people.
I been doing my laundry, straightening out the apartment, trying to get organized.
I've been wondering about the future, thinking about the past, experiencing the present.
I've been contemplating doing something different with my life, but what?
I hope my savings holds out long enough for me to get it together (as if I ever have).
I been thinking about my book, when will I get it done? This spring I hope.