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Bullion Grey

We BeLIEve....

Our Imaginary Worlds

Was there an Architect that went on before, to design our collection of imaginary worlds? Or we are part of each we feel or see?

Not intruders, are we, to this Mystical gathering of experiences or experiments?

Does Atlantis still exist in our souls? Is Narnia a place in our hearts? Wonderland a mental expression of what we know for sure? Are the famous roads of the Isles of Odea a dangerous place? Is Frankenstein still staggering around?

Could it be we live in the dream of Dreams? Are we the architects of our own place in these worlds? Maybe these wonders are not so distant as we think? Just maybe we are what we create or think? The one over-riding exception, All has the final say in everything.

In the darkness of the soil a seed dies, then grows. Emerging from the darkness of soil, it pushes to the sun of Light. Becoming a food for some, and by it's very expression, casts a dark shadow as well.

Without Light there could be no darkness, and without darkness there would be no Light. Even in the darkest of black, there exists Light (Photons). There is no dark so dark as to not have a little light.
There is no light so light as to not cast dark shadows.