to my old website. For your reading pleasure and as an archive, I have decided to keep it online. But if you want to see my new website, then please feel free to visit it here:

Bullion Grey

Wait I’ll Guess
Is it white or is it blue?
Is it old or is it new; what’s its height - give me a clue, where is it sold, how is it used?

Can I ride in it, can I put it in my hand?
Can I fly in it or does it go on a stand?
Is it heavy or is it light, or sort of in-between?
Is it used day and night, or something rarely seen?
Does it help me sleep, does it help me soak, was it cheap or did you go broke?

Is it dry and rough, or soft and wet, gees this is tough, have I guessed it yet? Is it see through or is it thick, does it make me cool, or will it make me sick? Is it hard to find, is it put on the wall. Will tell time, can I use it at all?
Is it from your heart or considered funny, is it a form of art or will it make money?

Well, whatever it is or whatever it will do,
it will remind me of your best gift…you!