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The Portal to Unlimited Possibility

Once humans decide they no longer want to hunt for food and raise it on their own, they do. When humans decided they no longer want to walk but desire to move faster and carry more, they do. When humans decide they no longer want to travel on the face of the earth but wish to fly like birds, they do. When humans decide after many eons of looking at the mysterious planet we know as the moon, to travel to, set foot on it and return with reports from it….we do.

In fact every single attempt that humanity has sought to accomplish whether on land, the sea, or the space, or the mysteries of the human body, we have accomplished it or are in the process of accomplishing it.

Nothing can stand against the power of the human imagination. There is no barrier that can resist the intricate intensity of creative thinking, the enormous practical application of inspired thought. Societies, movements, exploration both on land or sea and in the science or art all have benefited from the power of imagination.

Creative thinking springs forth from that mysterious ability we all carry with us, that portal into an unlimited possibility, that we know of as imagination.

No single source has contributed more to humanity and humanity’s ability to imagine. Everything we see, everything we touch, anything we are involved in or do, all spring from the abundant well of imagination. In fact there is nothing that is in our reality that does not have a source in imagination.

“The only way to find the limits of the possible
is by going beyond them to the impossible.”

--- Arthur C. Clarke

In fact some have gone as far to say that imagination is the portal to all that there is and the limitless beyond. It is now being realized that imagination is a faculty of perception. That imagination is the doorway to this world, the cosmic world, and many dimensions beyond. That imagination is the doorway which is also a two-way passage - meaning not only can we pass through the doorway of imagination, but things from limitless  can pass through the doorway to us.

Many have taught that our imagining of our future is played out each day we are awake, each year we live. The idea has been brought up that the people, places, events, and circumstances are not by chance but by our own imagination and the imagination of others.

The total power of the brain which when lit up, plugged into the mind, is yet unknown, not fully understood, and perhaps so astounding that we can not even imagine its implications.

“Imagination is everything.”
              --- Earl Nightingale

Imagination is spoken of in every culture, is mentioned in all mystical writings, is taught in art and in the sciences. Imagination has practical applications in construction, marketing, finance and every area of life.

From cognitive sciences to spiritual expectations, from higher learning to pet training, we find references to that mysterious power we all call imagination.

In biofeedback training for example it is not unusual for a person to be asked to imagine their skin temperature to be very hot and as a result, measurements show their temperature to rise 6° or 8° above normal skin temperature. Imagination is used as an aid assisting cancer remission, to provide remote viewing ability, in life regression, and to enable one to construct a powerful and dynamic future.

Imagination quite possibly may be the definitive answer for all things in life. Imagination is the answer because it’s the highest use of human intellect. In fact there is no intellectual process of the human brain that is more sophisticated, uses greater wherewithal, and is by far more multifaceted than that of imaginative thinking.

Imagination quite plausibly is the answer because it is the ultimate mission of the Spirit that is with a capital S. Creativity is the answer because it is the source of all that we know, see, hear, taste, and feel. We quite literally moving at the speed of imagination.