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The Real Thing

The Real Thing

There is no certain reality. To take what you see, hear and so forth as reality, is to be caught in the illusion. The illusion being that which seems real is merely a sound stage in which to play out certain issues, with false pretext, back drops and players as participants in the stage script you are playing. You may think it is what it seems to be, even swear you know it to be real, but alas tis only the wind. It is only a preconceived arena set up since before we were born for us to play in.

“There is no real reality, except the one contained within us; that is why so many live an unreal life. They take the images from outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself.”
--Herman Hesse

The inner world makes no agreements with the outer. They are never in concordance with each other. A person says one thing, but inside you feel another thing. Only later to find out you should have not listened, but gone with you hunch. Like when it is a sunny morning and some still small voice within says “take your umbrella”. Then later in the day being caught in a freak rain pour, only to realize you should’ve brought your umbrella.

That is why artists are really the most valid sources on earth. For all other work in the outer world. They sleep there, eat there laugh and cry there. The artist on the other side also live in the outer world. But deep inside they report to the world the episodes of the inner worlds through their art. It is the artist that brings out the inner world we mostly, almost all of us, only get to catch glimpses of in sleep or drunk delirium.

All cultures and peoples of all time honor their artists (some called Shaman), because they know in their inner world that is what is going on as well. They just are stuck in the illusion, and require “professional” assistance (artists) to pull them into what is real. Next time you see an artist ask them what’s going on? Then take notes…

Yes, light does dawn gradually, and for a lucky few they will awaken to this inner reality and begin to live lives’ based not on what they think they see, hear, feel, but lives built on their own inner vision. Cued by the facts of their imagination, by the data of intuition, by their mystical dreams. consciousness is consciousness whether in daily life or nightly dreams. The more real it seems, the less likely it is. Strange but proven by those who have lived ‘real’ lives.

How can you get there? The next time you get the urge to create, don’t ignore it. Create it. Draw it out, note it down, paint it, sculpt the inner real life in form and outer clothing. If you don’t, the door will close and you’ll be back in that outer illusion everyone is hung-up on. The outer world always presses in on the inner vision, and the inner vision gently protrudes to the out dimensions on occasions when you least likely will have time or energy to get it. But get it anyway. That’s what is so powerful about a notebook. It allows you to capture the ideas and save them for time when you have the opportunity to test them, see how they fit into your inner visions. Which since you are living by these inner visions, become the real you.