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Bullion Grey

The Mesa

I found a place very near. I shall camp here, yes this will do quite nice for now. This place I can visit most anytime no matter where I might be, its just a moment away you see.
Its not a large place in fact quite small, but thats ok. The weather is nice and I have a wonderful view.

You ask what is there to do? Everything and anything you would like to do. Though I am only interested in those things that are true.

Its a steep climb to the top but you will find when you reach the top its flat. Ahhh here you can run, dance or sing and play, or if you choose you can think all day. Creation is just a thought a way in everything you do and say.

Kick the dirt plant a seed water it daily watch it grow. I guess you could say its a kind of plateau. A mesa thats what it is, a mesa in my mind.