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The Great Mystery

We Don’t Become What We Think……

Why We Become What We Are is a Mystery


Many years ago I heard that we become what we think about. I was feeling as though I had heard a great secret. Now though I  under-stand that what we think about is just a small part of who we are, and become.


In our formative years, (which are all of our life) we have certain events, conditions, and environments as well as genes that affect every aspect of our life. Certain people present in our surroundings also play a key role. Especially when we are in our starting-out phases – birth to teenage years. Though we now know that even in our twenties and thirties we have many major crossroads that we have options to take or abandon. Our decisions of options at these crossroads is not a simple matter, it is very complex.


The what of a person is defined by the why of the person. What we do is determined by why we do it. What any of us do, in any situation, is predetermined by the why we are who we are. The very understanding an individual has of why they do something is hidden to even the most aware of us as to what causes the action. Often we hear on the news people being asked “why?” and they answer “I don’t know why.”


The kite flying example is useful here. Why does your kite fly and the person next to you has no way of making their kite fly? There are many reasons but focus on the source of attention. Imagine that you are flying a kite and see that the string attached to it is the concerns you have of keeping your kite in the air. Then trace that string (concern) back from the kite to the hand of your own body. It is directed by a mental energy that you focus on to make your hand work a certain way, that in the next moment allows for your kite to stay afloat. In addition, there are outside influences as well.



This is a simplification of many complex cross influences, at the same time, arching and bending the very results an individual is trying to accomplish. Enjoy flying a kite. If you think about it, that very moment of trying to fly a kite, is completely dictated by everything in you, about you, outside your being. Simply put you can fly a kite because of every influence up to that point, the collective force of influence.


It has been proven that we are at the controls, only in an illusion put forth by our own brain, which is divided at least by two - one, consciousness, and two, unconsciousness.


We know for example people can do many things without a thought, breath, digest food, and beat our heart and so on. This is taken care of by our amazing sub consciousness. In addition we do many things besides as a result of our inner programming.


We know people who react to things in different ways as a result. One person is scared of snakes another is charmed. Neither person made a conscious decision to be afraid of or charmed by a snake. People prefer green as opposed to red. Is there any trace of a conscious choice? No it is really a matter of the converging influences up to that point of deciding preference and choice. The illusion is we are making a conscious decision, but that is an illusion. Our subconscious has already made that decision for us. Ask someone why they prefer red to green, or why the dark scares them. They will come up with a reasonable thought or they won’t have a clue. This shows how some don’t know why they decided the way they did. Yet there is their preference, choice, even entire life choices up to that moment.


People who think they are in control of their choices often say: “If I can do it, anyone can.” But that is falsehood. If one person can spend years learning a certain skill like singing, another may try to spend the same years and never be as good, talented a singer. It is known that people have predispositions toward skills, abilities, and drive. That is why everybody doesn’t want to be a star, or mechanic, or a carpenter.


Have you ever thought about that? Some people actually feel called to their field, be it coroner or farmer. Others can barely understand how anyone could stand that work. Yet there it is, the fly wheel of life, filling every need under the sun or moon. 


People will say, if they are “successful” that they are self made. This cannot be the case. It took all of ancestral living and choices to empower a “successful” individual to be even able to want to be as they are. Even their health, diet, exposure to pollutants, or no toxic exposure. Often we will hear a person say: “Everything I am is because of my mother.” Alicia Keys has said that. She is an aware person, at least in this aspect of her own being and person, and all that includes. It could be possible that who an individual  is because of influential individuals in their lives’, or absent from their lives’.


It is even deeper than we presume. The question “Who am I?” cannot be answered by any single time, behavior, remark or moment. Even the entire fulcrum of any humans life does not explain who they are. There is a lot of truth to the idea that judgment of another by one or a group is really a projection of their own unresolved conditions within themselves. To judge another is to define yourself. Picasso said it well that one looks into a work of art and finds beauty. But they can’t find that beauty unless it first is within them. 


This why I think, in my own thought contraption, that a great mystery is always the major player in any single persons life. A mystery that none can measure, define or understand. How it is that a single celled living entity can have all the information it needs to bloom into one of us is stupendous. To think that every hair was predetermined, every illness, size and weight, looks, and slant of interest, everything was first in some genetic predisposition that was handed down from all previous ancestors’, in some kind of blueprint is almost beyond most people’s comprehension. Where else could such  complex and mysterious data come from?

a thought....