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Self Education is the Answer

“If humanity is to pass safely through present crisis on Earth
it will because a majority of individuals are now doing their
own thinking.”
                   Buckminster Fuller

It is now a scientific fact that virtual universities are extremely successful and thousands are getting their online degrees as you read this. Thousands more are signing up and as this is happening many thousands who are unaware of this fact, are biting their nails to see if they get accepted into a university. Not realizing that going to a university is not only spending unnecessary amounts of money, but limiting the scope and breadth of education.

In fact it has been called the 70% solution in education.
The idea of going to a university or even a college to get a degree,  certificate or credential, that is recognized by the state, is something becoming out dated. (If everyone did use online self education what would all those high paid administrators and teachers with tenure do?) If students managed to stay home, and learn more than they could ever learn in classrooms, what would the current education system do? 

The online classrooms can educate unlimited numbers of people for minor cost
. University and college classrooms are overcrowded, & for decades. It’s common to hear a news report about how deserving students are not getting their degree or credential because there’s no room at the school or university.

Online Self-Education can be tested on the site to ensure strict compliance. Therefore eliminating the idea that cheaters will prosper.

Online Self-Education insures a consistent delivery of subject matter. A broader perspective that is instantly updated every day, week, month. Unlike textbooks that schools, universities and colleges use that are outdated the next year and need to be updated and repurchased at exorbitant prices. Science textbooks have for the last decade been teaching old ideas (even when new!), and updated only every one or two years. Online Self-Education avoids this unnecessary lack of perspective.

Online self-education  provides for the student and teacher interaction.  There are a variety of formats used today including live face-to-face, teacher to student discussions and interaction on subject material.

Online Self-Education is the least costly form of education delivery. It has also supported home schooling. We all know that there are not enough classrooms to hold our students needing education. The billions we pour into building new schools are not enough. In fact in California if the state built 50 new schools a year that would not be enough for the students expected in the coming years. The answer is Online Self-Education, of course with a teaching guide or teacher.

Online Self-Education also helps address the problems facing the economically disadvantaged or disabled populations to reach any level of education. Low-cost or no-cost credentialed state certified Online Self-Education is now commonly available in every state.

Online Self-Education is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year. If one is working full time they can if they choose on their off time, weekends, holidays, vacations to pursue higher levels of education, even if it’s 2 AM.

Online Self-Education allows for collaborative learning. Students work online and collaborate in projects and assignments for learning. They are actually interacting more than if they were in a classroom. One reason is that a classroom holds say 30 students. But there are five separate sessions a day on a single subject with 30 students in each session. Online Self-Education allows for all the students in each session to collaborate and work with each other as a whole. Thus there is more motivation, energy, and learning ability available to each student.

To take this one step further students at compatible schools never get to collaborate with each other on any subject. However, Online Self-Education opens up a vast diversity and provides a spectrum which is connected together, of all students nationwide on any given subject. Vastly outperforming any single teacher, single classroom format.
Online self-education with a guide or teacher provides for accuracy in learning, flexibility, fluency, and originality from the relative rarity of being able to connect and study with many other participants in the same subject.

Online Self-Education eliminates the need for textbooks, which costs tens of millions of dollars each year from publishers with little updating and no updating during the school year. Textbooks because of their limitation of how large they can make them often ignore vast quantities of important information in the field or subject they present. However, Online Self-Education has all the information available worldwide at the fingertips of the student. And if needed, CDs can be provided at special times for special learning events. CDs can also be provided as guides toward learning any subject or operating a self education online experience at home.

How many billions of dollars would just one state save by restructuring the education of students to self education programs online? 
The question is why do so many "educated" instructors and administrators of so many schools, universities and colleges never even consider this obvious question?

We really need to update our education ideas. For another example, if I go to any school website and download the Teaching
Syllabus, I can use that guidance alone for any subject and Google my way through my own Online Self-Education. Remember, we can study any course of subject for a lifetime and still not come close to all that is to know about it. Our ideas about learning, Super Learning and how we learn (its different for each of us), is lacking with serious delay. Especially with the brave new world upon us.

Instead of billions for Administrators,Principles, buildings and books, we could spend far less on laptops, wireless hook-ups, and books on CDs. We can enter the Age of The Innovative Society equipted with new ways of creating human advancement. Thats what learning is all about, moving our species forward.

Our loyalties are to the cosmos, and our future lay within our hands. It is us, in this time that will decide if we can create a better world or fall into a time lost at will, direction or cause. It is us who will awake and discover new possibilities, probabilities and potentialities of an age that is knocking at our door. It is us who must answer that knock and open that door, for our future and the future of all mankind.