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Bullion Grey

A Paradox of Life

reality storm

a cloud burst swept me away,
ending my honeymoon with society.
Quietly divorced of the unseen connections
without ceremony, ripped to deeper waters.
No report of wreckage, because I was no more to be found.

Water drenched my soaked emotes, colors of which running, blending, smearing. No one around this outer place, waters of perception muddied, cold. Locating my survival tool - thought,
I have become an unwilling mariner of the turbulent water
of my consciousness.

I am Soul
I am a soul passing through a lifetime.
If I fall short in an action or identity
it is only a small part of who I am.
I am a complete soul.
I am relaxed, pure consciousness.
I am prepared to experience the wonders
yet to come.
Bullion Grey Swept Away Cloud