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The Spiritual Growth Action List
5 Small Easy Steps to Enlightenment
Researched by Bullion Grey

1. Be open to exploring new dimensions:
Becoming open means to accept in your mind and heart that there will be always new layers of you and reality (the world) that you didn’t realize before. Multidimensional often can be sensed as soon as we acknowledge it.

2. Read snippets of a wide variety of “sacred” texts:
The Bible, the Koran, the Torah, The commentaries written about different beliefs. If it has something written about spirit or spiritual ideals then read at least some of it.

3. Pick a simple way to meditate: People have 1000 different ways to meditate and we are at liberty to choose what works for us. Instead on never meditating, meditate as you feel led. Even underlining a sentence in a particular text about spiritual ideals is a form of meditation.

4. Passing word (what you learned) to others:
It is beneficial to tell others what you are reading. Not to convince them to believe as you, but sharing information of a spiritual nature helps in two ways. One, it helps you to rehear it so you review what you have read; two, it helps others to get a kind of insight of what is out there as far as spiritual knowledge.

5. Where to Start Your Search: Anywhere you feel like it… Spiritualism, Rituals, Philosophy, Ceremonies, Parapsychology, Religions, Doctrines, Theories, Agnosticism, Anthropomorphism, Eastern Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, Existentialism, Metaphysics, transcendentalism, and Nihilism. Look up any terms just used here as a start. Actually there are hundreds of beliefs worldwide to explore along with literally hundreds upon hundreds of 'Gods'(spirits) to learn about.