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Bullion Grey

Spirit Crossing

No Ultimate Creation

“Consciousness is more than perceiving and knowing; it is knowing that you know.”
Schwartz-The Mind and The Brain


“One is led to believe that the word reality does not have the same meaning for all of us.”
---- E. Wagoner

 “All reality is, is a collective agreement of an illusion.”
---- Lily Tomlin

“Art is in transition as life itself. Paintings are vanishing into the walls: but they will be marvelous walls. In turn, the walls will vanish into the landscape: but the view will be ecstatic. And after that the viewer will vanish into the view.”
---- Alan Watts

 “Sages and poets throughout the ages have recognized the dreamlike quality of human existence--seemingly so solid and real and yet so fleeting that it could dissolve at any moment.”
---- E. Tolle

“We live in the lap of immense intelligence, which makes us receivers of the truth and organs of its activity.”
---- Emerson

 Transformational, Transcendent, Impermanent, Silent, Creative, All Knowing, Holographic, Non-Exclusive, Non-Judgmental, Unfolding, all indications of The Spirit Crossing.
---- Bullion Grey