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Bullion Grey

I been looking for Somewhere,
have you ever been there - Somewhere?
Have you ever found Somewhere in your travels?
Have you anything to say about Somewhere?
Did it seem like a nice place?
If you got Somewhere did you see anything?
Was it a nice destination?

What do people do when they get to Somewhere?
Are there shops and used book stores, to shop & browse?
What are the natives like at Somewhere?
Are they friendly and welcoming?
Somewhere would, I guess, be a good place to be….
if you’ve never been, Somewhere before.

I know Nowhere, pretty much allot.
Its always been Nowhere, some what.
Here or there, it is always Nowhere all the time, I think.

Let me know if you ever got Somewhere,
as I am now-here…..still.
Just kidding, I been Somewhere,
at least a time or two.