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Bullion Grey

Snacking One Day

While feeding my soul one afternoon, walking to the apartment, snacking on poems and philosophy, I thought of who I'd like me to be. Even though I've been such a small creature, without presence, there lives a joy in my heart.

I have done less than I could of, but that I determined was my idea of existing in the stream of thought, where  most work is never seen in the world, or city, or eye.

One may have traveled far and standing next to another they seem like they aren't moving. Looks are not the whole of anyone, but most judge others with what their senses perceive, or don't.

I use to think I needed to prove myself. I let that go along with the idea of achievement, success, or a copy of it. It is the most precious thing to know where your yes lives and to go there everyday. Held in place by only God's power, as one know's God.

I don't even know why I am typing these words!
I guess it is some trigger in my DNA or Double-Helix code.

So I'll say goodbye for now, and wish you a good day.
I have to finish my snacking on today poems and philosophy.