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The Really Smart Business Card

You are at another “networking” gathering in the burbs, just south of your business office. As you stir your fruit drink with seltzer, you think about what you’ll do when you get home. Get out of these clothes and put on your robe and turn on the Late Show with Jay Leno.

It all sounds so nice, but just when you are lost in thought someone comes up to a person standing next to you and says “Hey, I met you last week at the Open Air Mart! How ya doing?” You kinda notice what they are doing as they are right next to you. You watch in silence sipping your drink.

One person says to the other “Do you have your Smart B Card now?” He seems a little too happy but you follow the exchange. She pulls out from her clutch what appears to be a business card and hands it to the last week mart man. He takes what appears to be his business card and then you notice something, well, bizarre. Instead of handing her his Business card, he takes the two business cards and holds them together. You don’t realize what or why it is that he is doing this. You turn and watch in amazement as he hands her card back to her! They both smile and exchange salutations and promises to stay in touch.

Because you can’t stand the unknown you ask the man what he just did. He shows you something you never saw before. The Really Smart Business Card, that is the same size as any business card but has a tiny chip-processor inside that when held together with another Really Smart Business Card, for a few seconds, exchanges information automatically. He tells you that it is the latest in advancement of the business card since the business card was invented. Intrigued and surprised you ask more about it.

He explains, you just go to your computer and plug it into your computer through an adapter with USB plug-in. And it automatically enters all of the business information from all the people you met who had a Really Smart Business Card as well. Avoiding the large stack of regular biz cards you want to save, & time it takes to type info, and categorize, as well. He tells you where they are available and then excuses himself.

You know when you get to your home that tonight has been a very profitable networking event….just because you learned of the Really Smart Business Card. While in your robe you order one online.
--------From Notebook #19, 1996