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Bullion Grey

There is no opposite to Truth, like the sky has no opposite yet is available for all.

The Truth will set you free, because there are no limits to the Awakened. Those who have truely Awakened are set free from all illusions, that impose a mighty hold on the rest who live inside their own perceptions not knowing they are really a sleep.

Most people live in the past, and it drags them into submission, others live in the future and it cages them in worry. Others live through the live's of others which incases them inside the other person. Still others live in the ancient writings of strangers they never met, or know, and will never know the Truth through these authors of ancient writings. Other still, live in complaint, or anger or revenge or cultureal norms or peer groups or sadness and depression all of which are restricted places that hold these individuals from Awakening or even notice that they are sleep walking.

Yes you are repeating a truth, but I often wonder about those who repeat what they have heard or read. True liberation is Awakening to this dream we are in which we think of as life. Yes the Truth will set you free, but you'll have to question your very thoughts, ideas and sources and be able, awake enough, to understand and pull yourself from your slummber. Then and only then do we experience Truth, and are set free forever.
God Bless You, Bullion Grey