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In our later years we all have more wisdom, experience, insight and knowledge than any other time in our life. Why hide it? Why waste it? Why not invest it?  Use these ideas as stimulators to help you think of ways you would like to get involved and share with others.

1. WRITE: The many ways one can find pleasure is through writing. You can write for entertainment, information or art. Articles for magazines, newspapers (large & small), newsletters. You can write essays, books or pamphlets on any subject and find an audience for your materials.

2. HANDICRAFTS: Making something is always a sure way of increasing the quality of ones life. Purses, wallets and other items can be challenging and useful. They can make treasured gifts to loved ones or even for sale.

3. PAINT: Painting is the chosen therapy of many. Painting has a magical way of creating fun and interest. You do not need any talent. The important thing is that you are involved in a project and want to see it through to the end.

4. DRAW: Drawing is to the soul as eating is to the stomach. It really doesn't matter what you draw, it is the experience of the action that gives you pleasure. Drawing can reveal much about you that you were unaware of.

5. BAGS OF GIFTS OR CANDIES: My wife came up with a wonderful suggestion. Why not go around the neighborhood and ask for donations to be placed into gift baskets or bags for the needy or underprivileged children?

6. HELP IN CHARITIES: In your community there are dozens of organizations that are trying to help someone some where. Why not take a few hours a day, week or month and give them your personal support?

7. SCULPT: Creating small statues of animals or even your friends is very exciting. As the form of nothing begins to become something you start to feel a connection with your 'subject'.

8. VISIT THE SICK & MENTALLY CHALLENGED: Many people who thought their life was unbearable were quickly brought back to their senses by working for the mentally challenged. Working in a hospital to comfort the sick and their families can also help one to see their blessings.

Excerpt from my booklet 100 Things Seniors Can Do To Live, Laugh, Love - available to readers of this site. bulliongrey@live.com