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Bullion Grey

Roadless Landscapes

I have been wandering the road less landscapes of the geography in my mind. Like a lost pioneer who has forgotten what he was pioneering for. Tired, anxious, and weary of aches, pains and unexpected weather breaks.

Envisioning a place where people are friends, families together and where daylight is bright. Like muffled steps in snow from behind I hear the sounds of my shadow, an outline of who I am carrying on with me. The trees stare as I the passing hiker silently reverberate by in my cautious stoic steps. The trees ask in hushes of leaves - where are you going?- what are you doing?

The hiker just continues as if to hear nothing but the hush of giant leafy green trees in breeze. In the morning I hear the razor cutting while I shave - loud and clear. I feel the tomorrows as if they were already yesterdays. I hold out my hand and find it empty with today. In the distance the far off sound of thunder cracks, I look and watch the immense atmospheric show while feeling hungry and remembering I forgot what I was supposed to know.

Hollow vanities with thousands of pointless amusements seem like chains, metal, cold, wrapping my ability to think about here and now. Knowing that I live an idyllic life here by the sea shore, seagulls friends and sunny days that seem to end with a punctuation of sunset glory, everyday. This is the outside world and yet there are within many worlds within worlds. If one isnít careful they can become confused or lost and feel like they are as well are wandering the endless landscapes of the road less geography of their mind.