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Bullion Grey


Once was a realization, that so much was out of view, even with supreme focus, exact attention, much is not seen.

From the residents of energies and spirits, lost wandering souls that stop by our livingrooms and rest for a moment.

The Grace that permeates our live's, to the weird objects sometimes seen as orbs that fly about us.

The invisible portals and doors that we sometimes walk through in dreams - that sometimes are feet from our own bed, to the passing celestial Angels that bring all kinds of Love and guide with a subtle side.

Incarnations of various degrees sometimes try and speak to us, only to be ignored because we don't realize these voices that intrude into our brain's, are their's.

The frantic, dizzying lights of nondescript,
that spring about indoors and outdoors, without purpose or meaning, like seldom seen fireflies.

There are so many they could never be accounted for even in a whole book. They are present anyway and they come into our live's for whatever cause or not, without our seeing them always or even for some, never.

These have been made known to me, and I share them now with you. If sometime you perceive something please make note: much that is, is not seen.