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Bullion Grey

Cheryl, I don't know....I only have slivers of thought-forms that speak to these questions. Neville says we are total Imagination made conscious in this domain, and that each of us has the faculty of perception - imagination. He says some have it more than others for reason he doesn't know.

My  thought about imagination is that all thought is birthed inside the imagination. Which would be that even this, as I write it, is a produce first of imagination filtered through my consciousness. It seems to me that whatever we cogitate is some how from imagination. If we fear it is because we first imagine a fear idea, then experience it as consciousness of fear. We freely imagine all things everyday and even in sleep. If we birth an idea of unconditional Love it would make sense (to me anyway) that it first has to be imagined, then presented to our conscious part that there is the image of Unconditional Love. 

It is surprising that we imagine all things, not just a limited array of things. I have heard of people saying like: "I shouldn't think that." Which indicates that imagined thought-forms can originate from outside of our own selve's. We all have had that experience I think. But with guidance of opening of heart knowledge we slowly start to be able to guide many ideas toward the direction of our path.

Imagination seems to have no prefrences. The artist, worker and terroist all get fresh ideas relating to their action. Ideas of grand proportions are everywhere we are. Thats why the terrorist gets a idea to act in some terible way, and so does the artist to act in some beauty resulting way.

I use to read a lot of Alex Osborn's work on Applied Imagination, Creativity and such. It was back then whe I started my own studies into this mystical energy. Once the course was set, it would over and over send to my conscious brain ideas that would further along a desired work of art.

Many say they are "blocked" but I don't see it like that. Non of us are "blocked", but since we have no definitive guidance we all have unlimited varieties of moving forward. Blocked just means that they are not utilizing some different methods to access their imagination to bring them ideas.

Here are just a few ways that may help...
1. List Making: this is always a powerful jumpstarter for anyone. The way to do this, for my experience is to take a blank sheet of paper and start at the top of the page and write the first word or phrase that comes to mind. Like Cat or fly or whatever. Then after listing a few words, turn to another clean sheet of paper and write at the top of the page the first word from your first list of words. Then write anything that comes to mind about, related to, or in that word...like for cat I might start with My Cat, or Mystical Cat, or A Flying Cat. Anyone can do this. I think it is actually fun.

2. Create a Thought Map: Google Thought Mapping, or thought map. You or anyone will find it very educational on and about thought mapping.

3. Reading on the subject of interest: Many don't realize the greatest gift in reading. Most were taught to read what is written and report what they read. Thats one view. In addition I was taught by Spirit to realize what the words I read CAUSED me to think. Wow! Now thats a whole new thing. This one idea can bring "blocked" out of consciousness forever.
Its not only what is said, but what it causes one to think.

I could go on, but I don't want to bore you with the details.

It is my experience that Visualization is a subcatagory of Imagination.
For we can imagine and visualize, but we cannot only visualize.
The experience of inner seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, or even
intuiting all rise from imagination. (I could  be wrong).....

Once these words came to me:
Imagination knocks on my dreams door. I quickly venture out to magical horizons, and visionary visitas; because I cannot dare not too. Imagination's message is: "Come with me". 
I like that, and it seems like something imagination would say.

It has been said that my imagination is a little off the ground.
One comment was a lady that told me to keep my feet on the ground.
To that I repied, "I have my feet planted firmly in imagination",
which is limitless. We had a good laugh.

What do you think helps to develop Imagination?
What is your take on Visualization?

into the Silence,
Bullion Grey

PS: my next publication is about Imagination and the 4 simple tools that open it up to new ideas for anyone. That we need not be creatively blocked ever again. Also that all is already created, that we are not co-creators but in fact we are checker-outer's from the Akashic Library. For all is already known by the Unnameable One. If we think it, it has already been Thought thru thoroughly. Thats a few things, but I can't even wait when it hits the Cyber-Sky! (word I coined)

((((((thank you for asking))))))