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Bullion Grey


We are adapted to attach from day one.
First it is our mother, then father, then siblings, food, milk, and the list grows to enormous size for the rest of our existence.

I ponder any teachings whether they are popular or obscure.
It has been my experience that attachment IS part of this experience we are having - life. Being attached to life enhancing food and drink is by no means not useful or negative.

As long as the attachment is life affirming I think it is useful for the time it is life affirming, for all involved. Attachment becomes not useful when it finishes a cycle in your life and starts to "drag" you down and/or others. It becomes even more limiting when you feel/think/beLIEve that you cannot dis-attach. That can be a source of great learning and sufferage.

Life, much like a stage, has all the ingredients the script calls for.
There is comedy and tragedy, mystery and discovery, growth and death. I see each as part of the whole and never advise people to waste time, effort detaching from everything.
In fact I am almost sure that everything in our life, all the negatives and positives, are important and are to be welcomed, as an awareness expanding needs these elements for growth. (have to be careful when one says "sure") It can be said that there is no such thing as "Difficult World", or "Easy World"....just World. Even that is restrictive from Truth. Maybe there just Is.

Let not you desires drive you, refuse to be guided by your wants, let go of want. Let go of need. Let go of desire. As once written a long time ago: "the great way is simple for those who have no preferences." Once we realize we have no need/want but to simply be, life becomes a more enlightening experience.

From our being then can emerge what is, that which emerges from Source. Source's emergence includes anything and everything. B
ut the ultimate work is: Awakening and assisting others to awaken.