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Bullion Grey

One Day He Had a Dream

One day he had a dream. He saw his wife on the beach
with bread, feeding the seagulls.
Following through with his dieing request, to have his remains cremated. With a dough and his cremated remains, make a bread.
Take this freshly baked bread to the ocean shore he loved so much, and
without ceremony, feed this bread to
the seagulls. Letting him fly away, finally seeing the shore
from hisí feathered friends view.
He awoke with tears. Realizing that in this dream he saw his
wife from the sky. Wind blowing, sunshine bright, clouds so beautiful he wondered who got permission to paint them in the blue?
He remembered himself going slowly further and further from her on that shore, handing out
the last bits of bread - him. Dream ending when she was just
a distant image standing with her hand in air, solitary, beautiful, silent.