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Bullion Grey

Once there was a life, lived in full expression.
It was hard, with all the pains and failed loves and broken promises.

Many times it seemed like the end of that life lived in full expression, sometimes very close. Once, well twice that life died. But at the last minute was revived. That life had no answers, no understandings or insight. Just floating along, as a speck of dust in the vast Youniverse.

That life tried to be of service to the world in which it found itself. Created writings, songs, poems, and even thinking for people in need. As a volunteer that life worked hard feeding homeless, helping them with clean clothes, employment and other helpful moments of just listening, when there were no others who would listen.

Today that life still exists, at least partially in this world. Being ministered to by agents of heavenly origin, that life feels blessed and joyed. And when that final time comes, when the torch of that life's light is blown out, that life will fade back into the Silence and know life had been in full expression, if at least by a speck.

Once there was a life lived in full expression.