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Bullion Grey

Nick of Mind
Bullion Grey's Notes
Notes on Emergent Energy Particles
Abbreviation: EmEnP
Notebook #31 2008


-EmEnp Seeks to communicate with all
-EmEnP is/are conscious
-Our words are made of vibrations of EmEnP
-We pick up with our senses the greatest concentrations of EmEnP
-EmEnP can be called forth
-We often call forth EmEnP of specific types unconsciously
-EmEnP are seeking to be called forth
-The supply of EmEnP is unending
-The more aware one becomes of EmEnP the more EmEnP become available to that awareness
-EmEnP make up all things seen
-Quixotic Thinking is to be able to perceive EmEnP
-EmEnP can inform you if you are paying attention
-Praying is a form of EmEnP being called forth for benefit
-Some EmEnP are chimerical in nature
-Eminations of EmEnP adjust and group with other EmEnP
-EmEnP collaborate and cooperate with each other
-EmEnP wander from dimensions outside our own
-As EmEnP group they transform and transcend our world experience
-EmEnP arrive daily in material for of est.40 tons of space matter
-EmEnP has no concern with what it becomes -
-One exception is when called forth through communication
-Methods to call forth EmEnP are many
-EmEnP communicate from any form

"To label every point on a line (e.g. from A to B)  you need not only all rational possible numbers but all irrational numbers as well. An irrational number may be expressed as a decimal with an infinite number of digits after the decimal point."
                                                               Paul Davies -The Matter Myth