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New Idea Program
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If you have a New Idea Program (NIP for short) for your business/life here is a no cost way to diagnose it.

New Idea Program (NIP)
Diagnostic Check up

1. How do you know your New Idea Program is giving you and your goals as much as it can?

2. How do you identify new ideas that are cost saving or profit producing?

3. What ideas are you not getting through your NIP? How do you know?

4. Do you have an estimate of how many cost saving and/or profit enhancement ideas that your NIP is gaining for you? Per month, per year? Yes____ No____ Donít know_______

5. How do you know your NIP is giving the ideas you need for this time of the year?

6. What is your plan if you are not getting what you want/need from your current NIP?

7. Do you know what useful profitable ideas you want right now for all sectors of your life and or business?

8. If not what will you do?

9. Is your NIP systemized and run every day/week/month?

10. How will you get your NIP in shape for the new year?

Obviously, if you donít have a New Idea Program for your life and or business you are passing up small, to large opportunities. If you would like some assistance with creating your NIP for yourself or your business please contact Bullion Grey at: bulliongrey@live.com We can show you a simple method to create a New Idea Program and how to manage it easily.

Just one good idea can be worth an entire years worth of work...†