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New Age Upon Us

Art - Science - Spirit - Mystic
Imagination - Intuition
Cooperation - Collaboration

The Information age has given way to a new era, The Innovative Age. A time when the true gold is in the idea, in the brain, not a metal in the ground.

The home Computer is now 10,000 times more powerful, and thousands of times less expensive than a computer 4o years ago. Today a person holds more computing power in their hands than was available worldwide in the 1960’s. Now we buy greeting cards that play music and record a message when opened. They have more computing technology than existed in the entire world in the 1950’s.

The super computer Cray in 1976, which in its day was only available to the most elite physicists, is dwarfed by the common everyday computer game technology (e.g. Xbox) in your home that you, and you family use everyday.

To really see something, look at the path of transportation.

From the beginning of humanity till 1900 a person could only go as fast as the fastest horse they could ride. That is for thousands and thousands of years. Then in this last 100 years of humanity we can travel thousands of mile per hour into space and even build intergalactic probes that travel at over a hundred thousand miles per hour.

To add to this, more information has been produced in the last 45 years than in the previous 5,000 years.

A weekday edition of the New York Times contains more information than the average person was likely to come across in their entire lifetime in the 17th century. Human knowledge is doubling in all fields by the rate of approximately every 4.5 years. By 2020 it will be every 3 years. Shortly after that it will double every year, and ultimately double every month thereafter.

The future is becoming more and more unpredictable due to the vast changes brought on by human creativity. Even the possibility a few years ago of robots doing our work has passed into reality, a million times over.

“We think we understand the situation, but what we don’t understand is that the situation has changed.”
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A vast and entirely new shift has occurred and we are apart of it. And this shift is an unending one, unlike shifts before. It has an entirely new make up which is to say unlimited creative effects that reach far into the future. Never has there been a time when humans were able to make things different that will be felt forever, like Genetic Engineering as an example.

The only way each person will be able to thrive in this new age is to become autodidactic, that is to say self educational, a self learner. The question use to be “what can we do?” that question is settled. It has transformed into “What do we want to do?”


Heretical words:

A simple idea is instead of setting goals or outcomes, it serves all much better to determine a direction. Head in a direction instead of over-committing to a goal or outcome. A direction allows for the mystical, miraculous to act freely. It invites openly coincidence and synchronicity to work without limits. On the other hand goals cut out much of the possible potential of positive occurrences much like outcome directed plans.