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Bullion Grey

Cues we are sent appear in the most strangest places.
From road signs, that we drive past just as we are
thinking about a question, to when we sit and
close our eye's and see images.

Many times we will be wondering what to do,
and walk pass a couple of people chatting,
and as we pass they seem to say exactly what
could be an answer.
Or we could be in our back yard and speaking
to a neighbor, and all the sudden a great wind
rustles up from no where, giving a cue to go in now.
It has been many people's experience that they
shake someone's hand and feel more is transfered
than expected.

We could walk up to a book store and decide to
look around and walk straight to a shelf and pull
a book off that shelf; only to open it to the exact
page that speaks to us at that precise moment.
We are sent signs and cues from the strangest ways.
It is up to us to listen, pay attention, and activate.