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Mind Control?

“ The conscious act of free will is pure illusion, having been already preprogrammed in the preceding unconscious activity of the brain.


There is a possible last minute roll for the will, so that it can sometimes (but not usually) reverse the decision that had been made unconsciously building up a second or so before the action.


You consciously will your finger to flex at an earlier time of a second or so before, but mistakenly perceives, in a consistent way, that this conscious act occurs at the much later time, just before the finger is flexed.”

Shadows of the Mind
Roger Penrose


The mind is innocent. It responds to programming. How did you “learn” - were programmed how to eat?

Just follow that to the full of life’s experience. How did you learn how to talk, what words to use or ignore, how were you programmed to think? How did you acquire bias, prejudice, and selection of choices? It may not seem like it but when we follow these and all other parts of the actions bided by the mind we see, the mind is an innocent actuator.

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