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Bullion Grey

Loves Angel sings itís song, Oh I shall not care.
Farewell for I belong, I met a maiden fair.
The seasons songs play, oh came love back to me.
Forsaken all here after today, for only one I see.

Oh my heart it does shake, it pulls me toward this being. Just below what I can take Lord, what does this mean?

Her depth and softness as a flower, she was made above, and if I died at the midnight hour, I know I tasted love.
She said her name as minstrels sang, I reached and shook her hand,
then began this strange thing, A type of curse to man. For love is good, sometimes bad, though neutral it is never, for some that could, some that had, for some it is forever.

But as we started in to talk, a friend of hers walked up, between the two their eyes did lock,†and she held her cup. Come with me now we must go, we have a great night planned we neednít waste our time you know amongst a love Lorne man.

Enter shock and confusion, through my hearts big door, for I mistaken loves delusion, in a lesbians score. As they turn and walked away, the look she took was fair, Loveís angel sang itís song today, but it sang it for another there,
And I am not the one thats there.