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Bullion Grey

Imagination knocks on my dream door holding out possibilities and miracles.
I gratefully open my door and quickly venture onward within my dreams to magical, visionary vistas. Daring the risks because I cannot dare not to; imagination's message is "come with me".

Do-It-Ourself Director
The possibility that your life is a stage production presents an interesting idea.  That is you become your own authority, your own stage manager, director and producer. If you are not enjoying the story you're in - rewrite it. The cast of characters are not those that work well with you?  Then your job (as casting director of your life) is to recast the right people into your life. Yes it's true- we all are the stars of our own (life) movies.  The weather may change, delaying some production elements (not in our control), and could work against us; but it does not matter because we are going to get this film (life) made anyway.

 Wer'e all Just a thought away

1. We admitted we are powerful creative beings, that our lives are direct reflection of our use of our inner, creative imaginative spirit.

2. We now understand and know that a power greater than ourselves moves to us and through us; even when we don't feel it.

3. We now make a decision to open ourselves to a greater creative expression in our daily life by creating new work, play and art.

4. We inventory our ideas and lives to become aware and identify with our creative spirit within.

5. We admit to ourselves we can be more creative just by deciding.

6.We prepare to become creative in our thoughts and actions, to express creativity to a greater degree in our daily lives.

7. Now we begin to think in terms of humility by asking Infinite Creative Intelligence to help us be more creative, loving and accepting of all who have unique experiences other than our own.

8. Made a list of all new things we want in our life including healthy love, and true friends. Starting the process of bringing them into our lives.

9. Made direct efforts to express our creative ambitions in action and deed. Starting a greater creative process no matter how small we may start from.

10.Continued to seek our path to a better life through Infinite Creative Intelligence, the author of all things. Knowing that Infinite Creative Intelligence didn't build a stairway leading to nowhere.

11. Began to realize that we are in constant prayer and that we must guide our prayer in thought and spoken word towards the life we desire. That everything we think about daily is created in our minds, hearts and then lives. Knowing now what we fail to think about and ask questions about will not become apart of our life.

12. Having a new spiritual awakening now everyday, we try to share these ideas with others and incorporate these ideas in every aspect of our life’s.