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Bullion Grey

Nice to hear from you Dora,

Thank you for the nice email note here....
I thought I'd might never hear from you again!

I am thinking that life is so strange with its quicks and turns and we never really see the way it might head. It was difficult to hear about your family situations and I prayed for you and will continue to do so as you traverse this unknown trail of beginings and endings. It is truely a great story we live and the endings are always as if they were never told. Yet each has been told, lived, a million times.

I as well have been living and it has been very strange if not unique. Yet I know I am living a page that has been reprinted a million times and will fall into some place in a history that will only be remembered because of the retelling and reliving of it.

In my heart I wish things could be different but realise that things being better always is not living, it is dreaming. But even in my dreams it isnt always roses and sunshine, so I guess I just get lost in the world of living like the masses of people who populate this blue/green ball we call earth. Who at the setting sun silently wish for a new day tomorrow with new prospects of joy and love. But who find they awake in the same bed, same body and same circumstances they left the night before. It is truely a great experience for that reason, as many others. 

I hope you checked out those resources I gave you for help in your time of need and that you are in knowledge that every minute you are carefully held in God's heart and God is reminded of your needs each moment you live. Remember the great inner strength you posses and fortitude as you work your way to the next thing on the path toward redemption in this life. 

(<from continued)

It will be the re-membering of your powers and Source that will hold you, not the actual powers. I know it many sound weird but I have found that it is a powerful thing, memory. More than just an image or sound from the past, but a kind of magic that holds many strings from many ways that in and of itself possess powers for your safepassage to the next place. That being the place of Grace.

Often when we arrive in Grace we are not aware of it, but we are there and Grace will never let you down. God's Grace is ever giving us more than we might think we deserve, or even can imagine, but there It is none the same.

I guess I have written to much perhaps but I wanted to communicate these things, these solid things that jostle in my heart, bursting with expression from an inner depth, saying to me quietly, please let her know that she is dearly loved and will always and has always been, even in times when she doesn't realize it.

Please check out my website again as I have made many new entries to it...72 pages and growing. If I don't hear from you I will feel an inner discontent, so please do keep in touch. I also have serious health issues and need to know that I have done some good in this world, in this demension.

Remember you can call anytime: 1 (nine51) 2three9-10nine1 - day or night weekend or weekday. I will always welcome a call from you as in one small way I know we have helped each other. Both dealing with self esteem and maybe more.

Take care of yourself so that you can do the things you need to do and know that people are praying for you even if you can't hear their prayers. It is said in the bible that God recieves our prayers as the fresh smell of flowers and incense, and I believe that means he hears each one.

say unto your heart, peace be still,
Bullion Grey
(sent 3/14/2009)