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Notebook #8

It occurs to me that the following possibilities exist:

1. Just as we all live different lives, we all have different after life experiences. Realty is multi-dimensional and subject to the Emergent Energy Particles absent or present in each reality.

2. There maybe two of you on earth at the same time. Some people are living one or more lives concurrently. It may seem like we are living one life at a time but in fact we are only aware of this life and no others. Some or all maybe manifesting other lives simultaneously. We just aren’t aware of it.

3. Some or all maybe living with “others” contained in the same body. Again it can be if we were unaware or unwilling to notice. The super negative of course maybe termed as “possession” or possessed. But if there is a super negative, why would there not be a super positive possession? Or even a neutral possession? Why not more than one soul in some?

4. We may be alive in multidimensional stages as we live this life in this stage. We could have other selves from our Self living in different dimensions.

It could be, that we affect the other selves and that we are affected by these as well.

5. At death we may not experience all the same death transition from this existence to the next. Perhaps each transition is as unique as the life lived by the ‘transitioner‘. There maybe some similarities but in large part, individual as our finger prints. As one teacher puts it our Soul Prints are unique as we are. Therefore some die and leave this dimension, while another dies and is reincarnated here in this dimension.

I am yesterdays vision today. Intense possibilities gaze into my room, looking through my eyes. Inviting me to venture forward; but I wish to slumber a little more, breath in my words, sip my soul and feed hungry seaguls by the shore.