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Bullion Grey


"I wish to work miracles..."
Leonardo Da Vinci

"When we are doing nothing in particular, it is then that we are living through all our being ... Will is suspended, but nature and time are always active, and if our life is no longer our work, the work goes on none the less. With us, without us, or in spite of us, our existence travels through its appointed phases." 

I am as God created me....

The world wants you to be, else you wouldn't of become. The world is waiting for you to present yourself , either by voice, deed or idea. The world is waiting for you to greet it with your deepest creative thought, hope, ambition. The world called you forth because it needs someone like you. When you do present yourself to the world, the world finds a new friend...the world wants you to be.
"You couldn't have realized your Soul Print other than the way you traveled. Your Soul Print is who you are."
                   Marc Gafni