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Bullion Grey

Barefoot Impressions in Sand

 Barefoot impressions in sand by the shore, momentarily modeling a barefoot unknown passer-by, then washed by frothy white ocean tide to melt back into the misty undefined sand of life.

Little green leaves with drops of dew who is a capture of rays of sun, while insects freely go
about their big tasks of gathering and hunting.

Seagull passing in sky as I look up, brightened sunshine, I close one eye, squinting to watch another lonely eagle of the sea.

Windy breeze through palm leaves, where below my baby and I lay on blanket looking up wondering who could have made this day so?

Wondering when I will be as that barefoot impression in sand by shore being washed away by the white frothy tide of the misty undefined sand of life.

bullion grey barefoot in the  sand