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Bullion Grey

Hope Born
I was raised by an insane man, who knew only pain.
For 13 years I endured, under what was an attack on me, since I was 3.
I would believe his threats that he'd kill me when he got home.
Often I said goodbye to my dog as I knew this day would be my last.
But on and on went this torture of my being, without rest.

I cursed God a few times as I wanted God to save me, and God didn't.
I was numb by 15 and walked out with my guitar, sleeping bag and some clothes. It would be until I reached the age of 27 that I would finally begin to heal. Not until I reached 35 when I realized I was in the throws of healing.

Years of therapy, praying and struggle brought me past death's gate.
I know what hell is, I know what salvation is, I know what I know, now.
Today at 49 I totally restructured this experience, and I am working on it.

My mother can't understand that what I use to call a bastard, I now call a Master. My Master Teacher, hidden as a human devil, that came into my life.
He caused the restructuring of my brain, he altered my path.
I barely survived the nightmares and freakymares.

Today he has passed to the other side, and we communicate.
He is no longer what in human form he was. I am no longer in human form I was either, yet still in human form. It is a strange irony, a spiritual specimen for truth and Light.

I am now working toward awakening and helping others to awake.
Were it not for this Master Teacher, I would not be who I am today.
Do not discount the negatives we live through as useless,
for on the otherside of negative -Positive works, unrelenting.

For if we are to ever understand, we must first live the questions.
If God is to employ us as servants, we must first yeild to All.
If the spirit is willing God is waiting to unite us in unconditional Love.