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Free flow thought...
Law of Self: Those who seek understanding in their self, seek understanding of others. The Law of Self says seek self knowledge to receive understanding of all. To not actively seek self understanding is to not seek understanding of others. This keeps one trapped by lack of self understanding.

These ideas also include the following:

Realize you are as significant as every other person. You are as important as the entire Youniverse, for you are the Youniverse in microcosm. Realization is when we understand all are equal yet different, yet differently the same.

B. You can do anything that is empowered inside of you at this time. The more understanding we work on, the greater we are empowered. So self understanding is a key to growing.

C. Self expressed in service to others is the great Path, (with many trails), and serves us to greater access to Youniversal Creative Intelligence.

D. All conclusions, resulting from self awareness work, is known as the last place you stopped working on self; stopped thinking about that work. Situations, circumstances and conditions are result of the Cosmic Dance with God/Source/Unnameable One. Also that these elements we live in/through/with are the result of "Upward Causation" and "Downward Causations". Downward Causations are from our illusion of this reality downward to form, matter, molecules, atoms, particles and so on. Our thoughts, words, and actions create the Downward Causation. The opposite applies to the Upward Causations. From Mystery to particles, to atoms, to molecules, to matter, and then to illusions of form.

E. Self forgiveness is one of the high priorities as self forgiveness allows one to forgive others. Forgiveness is letting go of the ast illusion and becoming present. Only through being, or presence can we work on our self understanding.
END of free flow.