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Follow Possibility

Choose related Industries &
Become an Expert in those Industries

To make your contribution,(that is equal to the reward you seek),
you need knowledge, skills and credentials.

Make a list of the things you need to know now to move to the next level of your industry.

Consult with a job counselor to help you list 3 skills you need to improve significantly or need to develop. 

Decide now to find out how to acquire the credentials necessary for your next possible career advancement.

Useful Thinking is Asking Questions
   What is useful for
me to be thinking now?
What can I do now to
prepare for better opportunities?
Where are better
opportunities right now?
  What should I do?
  What could I do?

Following every possibility requires we think in new directions with new questions. It requires we continually ask the same great questions over and over throughout the week. Like those suggested above. Some days there will be no answers, other days the answers will be in multiples.  But if we don't ask we don't get answers; and following every possibility
means we need answers.

Develop the Thrivers Model of Living
Survivors often are rescued while thrivers are growing and living. Thrivers look for opportunity to create their own special
contribution to the community.

Establish from this time onward you'll continue growing and intellectually expanding. Gathering useful knowledge and working just as hard on yourself as you do on your job.  This is the perhaps key step in following every possibility.