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Bullion Grey

Energy in Motion

Emotions (Energy in motion)

1. Start with notes about that energy within yourself that you wish to transform.
Write key words, phrases ect. If you stop for any reason, resume this until you feel that you have exausted this stream within. Number them if you are able. While doing this be calm, and promise to yourself you will be calm about it.

2. Take the first item on your list and attempt to write a word that points toward its use in future time.
Like I used from my horrific experiences when young at the hand of an insane man, the words "powerful hate". I turned that into power inside which now hates the hate. I am speaking of experience that may or may not apply. You are the judge.

3. Continue to do this as long as you remain calm.
Once it starts getting to you, STOP. It will wait for another time when you are ready. Keep replacing the meaning and verbag, to empowering ones. Like I said I was TAUGHT by the Master of Pain so I could be understanding about such things. My mom still doesn't know how I do this, but it is this simple.

4. While you are working on any issues in your life always remember:
your dear heart is as precious as the most precious heart you can imagine.

5. Once you have gone through most of the list you made and reworded, reemphasized, reworked the meanings, start to incorporate these new understandings into your every day life.
I wrote about it and that helped. I went to therapy for over 20 years and that helped. I even volunteered to help others in my community and that helped.

6. Look forward to the day when the entire negative meaning is used toward the recycled meanings and start to be a help to others.
Look for opportunities to share with others and be willing when ever they appear. I promise you at that stage of your recovery they will appear and make their pain known, and you my friend will be able to share little nuggets of gold that they will take away and be comforted by.

This is the way Spirit has guided me.
I still have times when I feel so strongly I have to reinforce my new meanings. It isn't easy but we suffer for a reason, and a reason that is unique to our path we tread.

Pray without stopping, let your silent prayer run on and on, always in faith that what you want, wants you. What you seek, seeks you. Your greatest hope is inside of these Emotions of great power, break free by opening up your heart and discover the waiting miracle you are and will one day become.

I will pray for you for the next 7 nights, for this, for you. Others will as well. Know that the world has waited a long, long time for you, and here you are after all that time.

Ask: and it shall be given, Seek and you will find, Knock and it will be opened unto you. Ask-Seek-Knock= ASK! Keep this acronym in mind for the next few weeks.

Your Spirit Guides await your next step, call out to them and see the marvolus unsual event in your life take place.
Bullion Grey