to my old website. For your reading pleasure and as an archive, I have decided to keep it online. But if you want to see my new website, then please feel free to visit it here:

Bullion Grey

I have been walking the fine line of the edge of leaves, while pondering trajectories of falling hearts and super-nova souls. I been writing and playing with pencils and pens, been drinking a lttle - water. Have been lost, purposely in books I cant understand and drawing pictures of sculptures I dream of. Been haunted by simple people who work hard to make my life a sad story, they dont know I have been so far in the dark nothing will ruin this story that has already become a happy story!

I been consciously observing the world, which is myself, as I am bigger than the Youniverese, smaller than a speck of dust....depending on what day.

I took a shower and had the funny thought of all the tiny microscopic animals flowing out of the shower on to me without my knowledge, and breathing in healing life while abandoning my lone spot, where I use to go on and off.

Getting involved with my new up coming books and website (hope you will do the website) and many other conflagerations.

  What you been doin?