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Bullion Grey

The Elephant Man

It was said of him and his ugly self, was caused from sin. A glimpse of hell, that hed never be for good.

While in his mothers pregnant womb, an elephant kicked her - and cursed him doom, his life worse than any should. She gave him up when he was born, from this his heart was deeply torn, a baby not even a mother would have loved.

His head engrossed with heavy liquids, his body boasted bones that twisted, to him this life was unfairly shoved. Innocent put in a traveling show, there in misery he spent many a year. People would come & spit and leer, laugh and joke, poke and jeer. Then at night hed fall asleep in tears.

Then one day when the crowd grew mean, he cried Im a human being, and have feelings like you! The crowd in shock left the tent, but one man stayed, realized what he meant, and figured out what hed do. The man took him too his home - he chose, a meal he cooked him and gave him proper clothes, and introduced him to his wife.

The Elephant man, in bliss and shock, it took him a while before he could talk and wholly realize this his new life. He sat alone in his room so neat, dresser and drawers and a bed to sleep; he thought a great man indeed.

In his room of quiet sound, this restful resort of which he found was only to remain a seed. For when he left this house on days, people would still flock to make fun of his ways and eventually chase him back home. In his room tears would freely flow, as he realized now no where he could go where he would ever be alone.

So one evening cool and late, the Elephant man found his fate, or really an escape it was. The papers said the reason why he died was an obvious case of suicide; but the man knew this was not the cause. The town people thought it a good laugh that the man put on his epitaph: "Society the murder of, because he could not endure to live without love."