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Bullion Grey

Early Upon the Morn

I not the sleeping dead,
as my sun announces today,
for this I bow my head and I begin to pray.


Lord of my heart,
the Creator of all that be,

protect those that start this day looking for thee.

Bless the humble and meek & those for truth have cast,
for the existence that they seek, is known as the First and the Last.

Grant us on this side,
that for each and everyday,

you will be a guide for what we do and say.

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,

and grant us peaceful rest amidst our day of labors.

So my Maker for you I will not quit, so I say this, so be it.
Early upon the morn my day has been set,

an though my temperance torn, I feel a chill on my neck.