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Bullion Grey

Early Morning

This morning it is chilly. Cold dew and fog with mist. About 6am…
I woke early as usual to trying to catch my breath. With severe Sleep Apnea, every night there is a feeling I am out of breath. I use to have a CPAP machine to help me breath at night. Its tough pneumatically inflating my lungs all night with a 15 mile an hour wind let in through the mouth piece with a chin strap.

Anyway I walked down to main street, 2 blocks west. Quiet, some cars. I brought my digital camera. (The one which the previous owner threw away - and I found and fixed) I bring it most everywhere, for the perchance photo. Today it seems just as possible as any other.

On the 3rd block on main I come across a tree with a small stuffed animal at it's root. Dirty, wet, soaked, weathered and perfect for a picture. I took a few at varied angles. I left it there for another person's photo opt.

I sat for a moment at the shore and seagulls land just feet away, eyeing me with an inquisitive stare. As in "Do you have food?" They, I'm sure, are trying to read my mind, psychically checking my pockets. They stand close - but just far enough, to get away if needed. They stare into my eyes probing me for any sign of food. Perpetually hungry and willing to eat even my soul if they found it to be like bread.

When I got back home a large black crow stood on my porch. I saw in an old movie how that is supposed to be a bad omen or something. Not that I am superstitious or anything, but I did shew it to go away.