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Bullion Grey

Dusty Emotions

Mysteries of Mind

My feelings are roughish, mavericks throwing up mysterious dust, no marshal in mind can stop them. Deep inside distant at times, but when they pass I stand and look to where they have gone. Almost wistful - that in this hot and sunny place it becomes so silent without them. Almost wishing they would come back, even in their roughish ways. So I know I am not the solitary soul, single resident of consciousness, I sometimes think I am.

Just before I finish a thought they arrive behind me, the mysterious emotional horsemen approach at full force with hoofs loud against the dirt. They appear large as I turn to see them, close they ride by with speed and rush. I fear for my emotional life, once again in the stampede of mavericks a hoof.

Then as quick as they are, they ride to the depths, and distance as from which they came. Silence is left with me in almost mythical, odd state of amazement. Watching them riding from the vision of the some how mythical strange edges of my consciousness.

Bewildered I take a deep breath and awake to the noonday sun shining into my room. I have once again slept, without rest, in late.