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Bullion Grey

After a short time, say 10-15 years one may undergo a type of experiential place. It might be called dryland.

In dryland there is very little water or things growing. people are not often seen and if they are, they are most likely to be strangers. They too are lost in dryland, and have no clue what to do to change that. It is as if they have stepped on some unseen spot where they slip into that dryland experience. Some, because of their bewilderment sit on a rock or the ground and wipe their brow while holding back tears of fustration, ill will and hopelessness. Others continue to wander as if in a semitrance, without any direction really, just stopping to light another smoke and put hand over brow to scan the vast horizon of this seemingly mythical place...dryland.

But it isnt mythical, it is a real place. Just you won't find it on any map or paperguide. Dryland exists in the mind, more precisely, in the imagination. It is a production brought on within ones self by inattention, stress or past psychotic injury's that have not healed. It can last for years and it is said some have even died in dryland of tiredness and loss of will.

Others have suffered greater fates such as soul death. One who is soul dead still acts like a real person but if you gaze into their eyes for an extended moment or two, you will notice something seems missing, or just not there. The ones with soul death can live on in life but they can't ever get that soulful feeling any more. A feeling required to be able to create again.

For any who find themselves in dryland, and all of artists do at one time or another, one must try new approaches. The individual will remain lost, or wandering until they accept that what they are doing is not working. It is a hard thing for some to accept. Others never will concede that they might do better with a different angle.

One of the simplist things to do to extract ones self from dryland is to stop and create a thought map. One can get a stick and scratch it out on the ground if needed, that is if you dont have paper and pen. A thought map has a special power that no other map can have. It is not widely known, but a thought map can even help a person restart in a place that evaporates dryland. Thats right! Evaporates it, just like the water off a fresh washed chevy on a sunny afternoon. But take care not to deviate from this method as it can backfire if your not careful.

There are alot of websits that explain thought mapping and how to do it. I just wanted to point this out as I noticed some saying they were ah, "blocked". Being blocked is a sure sign that your next stop may very well be dryland. And its awful place to be stuck.

Well, thats all for now, take care and remember the highest good one can bestow upon another, or the world is to WAKE UP!
Bullion Grey