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Well everyone here maybe right....inaddition, there is another process that takes place in any preconceived "Law of Attraction". That being called Upward Causation and Downward Causation. Both are to be considered.

Upward Causation is from quantum particles upward to atoms, molecules and so on. Downward Causation is from our reality we perceive and following downward. All the way to quantum particles, which are little packets of energy. So we are in the line of BOTH Causations.

We put Downward Causations through our intentions, thought-forms ect. But we have little or nothing to do, as is evident, about what Upward Causations coming to us affect. I have experienced both and if one thinks about it, they have as well. An important thought none have brought up while speaking about The Law of Attraction.

Some highlights can be reviewed in the discussions of "Attractor Forces" in Power vs. Force, by Dr. D. Hawkins,P.H.D. Also the same author, "The Eye of the I".

I again repeat, The Law of Attraction is only one part of the influences that guides us and change us as well hold from minor to great powers over us. "The Law of Correspondance" which holds "as without, so within..." relating to the rule of sympathetic resonance.

Equal vibrations harmonize...take two pianos in one room. Hit the key of C on ONE of the two pianos in the room. Then feel all the strings in the second piano and you'll see that all of the strings in piano two are still, EXCEPT the key of C. It is noted that the stronger key will dominate the weaker vibrational frequency.