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A Personal Declaration of Independence
and Cooperation

I, a citizen of Earth, in order to participate in a more useful life, to establish effectiveness and efficiency, to insure peace of heart and to promote the general goodwill of others and myself do ordain and establish this Personal Declaration of Independence and Cooperation.

Section 1- All powers available to me I shall utilize for the highest good of all involved or affected. My power of choice and ability to learn will not be wasted. I shall use all of my mind and heart to live a life that is useful to myself and this world I am apart of. Circumstance will not determine who I am, I will make that decision through my daily actions. My limitations will not dictate my direction, but my use of my imagination, for the highest good. Through my own design and innovation I will be who I choose to be, a creator of good in this world.

Section 2- The days in my life shall be invested in efforts to reach, step by step, the next level I wish to attain; be it spiritual of otherwise. Always keeping my mind on the highest good for all affected. If I want more I will contribute more, if I want happiness I will work toward that ideal.

Section 3- I will educate myself through books, CDs, workshops, online research. I will not wait to be hand fed or be held back by lost opportunities to learn what I need to know to get where I want to be. I will choose a direction for my few years I am granted here that will result in good things for myself and others. I will seek for the ideas that will lead me to my purpose.

Section 4- When I experience failure I will contemplate and learn from it. Then I will ensure that I donít repeat failure. I will change my thoughts and actions and thereby not duplicate my failure. I will ask for assistance if I need it and gracefully accept help that lifts me toward my life purpose.

Section 5- I will plant the seeds of fruitful harvest in my life by having faith in my world and myself. I do this as I know God created me as I am and I would not of became if I wasnít called forth by God. I will nurture and cultivate the needed qualities I need to build toward useful and productive ideas. I will work on material and spiritual values equally, thus making the best effort toward a life filled with rewards and positive powers.

Section 6- No one and nothing shall deter me from my objective. For I know my objective can be formed in many ways. If I shall encounter a barrier I will learn my way around it. From this day forward I will work on being able to respond to the slings and arrows of life.

Section 7- On the above mentioned foundation I will build my life, and forge through my own thoughts and actions meaning for my life. I will work toward significance and in doing so I will be most likely to find the life I seek. I will not be a carbon copy of my peers, but raise the authentic self that rests inside me, that the world awaits to unfold.

Section 8- I will care and I will laugh. I will work toward a balance in my emotions and my responses to others. I will concentrate my powers on the person I want to be, choose to be.

This Personal Declaration of Independence and Cooperation I ordain and establish for my world and myself.

Signed:_Bullion Grey_____________________